Almost-Invisible Braces

Why settle for traditional braces when you can Just Orthodontics can give you Damon Clear® braces?

Show Them Your Smile – Not Your Braces

The three most common objections to braces are:

  1. Braces hurt!
  2. It takes too long!
  3. Braces are ugly!

You want people to see your smile, not your braces. Clear braces are the perfect alternative to traditional braces and remove all the reasons to avoid getting started on creating your new smile.

Whenever most people think of braces they think of a mouth full of braces and rubber bands. Not anymore – Damon Clear braces use clear ceramic braces that resist discoloration and are virtually invisible.

Damon Braces to not use rubber bands to hold the wire in the brace which makes them much easier to keep clean.

Damon clear braces combine tieless brackets and high technology wires that are clinically proven to move your teeth fast and comfortably with amazing results.

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clear braces

Best for Adults

Since Damon Clear braces have so many great features, you might be wondering why anyone would choose not to get them.

But, we generally only recommend ceramic braces to adults and older teens because they are slightly more likely to break and a little more expensive than metal braces.