Hide Your Treatment, Not Your Smile

Dr. Just is proud to offer the Invisalign® system as a treatment option.

All About Invisalign

Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening your teeth. It uses a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable, virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.

Wearing the aligners will gently move your teeth into place little by little, based on the exact movements your orthodontist plans for you. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten.

You just pop in a new set of aligners about every two weeks, until your treatment is complete. You wear the trays for about 22 hours a day but can remove them for brushing your teeth and eating.

You’ll get a great smile without a treatment that gets in the way of your daily life. The best part about the whole process is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.

With Invisalign you:

  • Wear your aligners about 23 hours a day
  • Remove them to eat meals and snacks
  • brush and floss normally, and hide your treatment instead of hiding your smile


Get Started

Invisalign, along with Damon Clear, is a popular choice for anyone interested in improving their smile without drawing attention to the fact they’re in treatment.

You can find out which option is best for you during your first free consultation.

lady in cafe with invisalign aligners