The Just Orthodontics Story

In 1919 Dr. William Just establish his dental practice in Manitowoc County. Three generations later it is what we know today as Just Orthodontics. Dr. Jeffrey Just is the grandson of the late Dr. William Just and the son of Dr. Harold Just who practiced orthodontics in Manitowoc for over 40 years. Our roots run deep in Manitowoc County as the Just family doctors have been committed to the smiles of our community for over 94 years. Our whole team feels fortunate to be a part of a profession that has such a profound and visible impact on people’s lives.

It is this tremendous transformation we see in our young patients that led us to the production of the movie E.O.B. this summer. We consistently see children come in to our office ashamed to smile; telling us they are embarrassed and teased because of their teeth. We are fortunate because we can help these kids overcome their self-esteem issues and help build their self-confidence but we felt helpless combating the other end of the problem – the bully. Our movie focuses on the tragic life of Elizabeth Octavia Baxter, a teenage girl and the choices she makes, her resources and her inability to tap those resources. The movie was produced in Manitowoc with all local talent and was a fun project. It was great fun to collaborate with the Mayor’s office, the Manitowoc Police Dept., The Manitowoc School System and their board and all the local businesses as we all got to participate in a “behind-the- scenes” look at movie production. Our goal was to produce a tool that could be used by teachers and parents to help children understand how bullying can effect children’s lives. The movie has been accepted in the Green Bay Film Festival and almost made the final cut into the Sundance Film Festival. A Fox River Valley philanthropic group purchased 20 copies of the movie to be used in the Appleton area schools. We have offered our movie free of charge to all the school systems throughout Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties.

Be The Change; a compassion building/anti bullying effort at Washington Junior High School held their first ever Color Run in Manitowoc, we are proud to have been the race sponsor which support this program and our community families. We thought it would be the perfect complement to our anti-bullying initiative. The color run was such a great success, we’ve already committed to being the race sponsor again for 2014.

For the first year, the state of Wisconsin School Youth Apprentice Program has included the dental profession in its offerings and we are proud to partner with Two Rivers High School. We have a great young man as an apprentice in our office and are happy to guide him as he considers his future.

Our success is entirely dependent on the support of the people in the communities of Manitowoc County. In 2013, Just Orthodontics was able to provide over $50,000 in orthodontic treatment to change the lives of people who otherwise would not be able to do this for themselves. Our Smiles for a lifetime chapter is one of only two in Wisconsin. It is a non-profit foundation which provides orthodontic treatment free of charge to those who are not financially able. Our lakeshore chapter will provide free orthodontic care for 10 local children each year. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Healthy Teeth Healthy Community organization. The Healthy Teeth Healthy Community Dental Clinic helps to find children in need and their board of directors also serves as the board for the Smiles for a Lifetime Lakeshore Chapter, they choose each of the recipients after an intense application process.

Just Orthodontics is committed to Manitowoc County and feels that our involvement helps strengthen our ties to the community. It is one of our most important investments. Dr. Just is a charter member of the Sunrise Rotary Club, a board member of Healthy Teeth Healthy Community’s and a Manitowoc County Chamber member since 1972. We support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, United Way, local school sports and fundraising events. At the heart of our practice is Project Linus an organization that collects new hand-made blankets for children in need. With the cooperation of our dental colleagues from around the state of Wisconsin, patients and local businesses we have been able to collect and provide over 3000 blankets which have been distributed worldwide and has become an annual event. With patient support we have been able to participate in Operation Gratitude and provide over 100 pounds of donated candy to troops overseas who protect our freedom each and every day.

Our gratitude to our military families and veterans is the reason we have a heartfelt support for Old Glory Honor Flight. For many years we have been a strong supporter of Lakeshore Weekend for Kids and again this year had the opportunity to work behind the scenes with some of our dental colleagues as we volunteered our time throughout the weekend.

We continue our commitment to the many other organizations that make our community a better place such as Heart- A- Rama, Relay for Life, Shoot for Coop, Holy Family Love Light Tree, Gumby’s Club Fore a Cure, Thunder on the Lakeshore the Capital Civic Center, the American Heart Association and Auctions at Roncalli, St. Francis Assisi, St. Peter the Fisherman and Manitowoc Lutheran High School. Because teeth are so important to us, we provided all the members of the Lincoln High School football team with mouthguards.

Our business continues to grow with our expansion of our office in Sheboygan and increasing our workforce by 30 percent in 2013. We have almost doubled our patient base over the last 4 years in spite of the economic challenges we have faced. We believe our growth is the result of our continued investment in ourselves and the ability of all our team members find new ways to set us apart from others in our field. Orthodontics is changing at such a fast pace that it would be impossible for us to continue to stay on top of our profession without a commitment to continuing education. Dr. Just has become a Certified Damon System Educator by his continued commitment to orthodontics. Every member of the Just Orthodontic team completes at least 60 hours of continuing education to provide the best total care to patients. Each team member is C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified in addition we have added an A.E.D. to each of our locations. Just Orthodontics is privileged to work with the many dental offices in our community and each year offers a continuing education seminar to these dentist’s and their teams at no charge to them. We have seen attendance at these meetings grow from 33 attendees to over 200 in the last 3 years and this year we had the privilege of having 2 local speakers: Kenlyn Gretz was able to share his team building secrets with us while Liysa Callsen inspired each and everyone of us with a laugh.

We are proud to have been voted Best of the Lakeshore 5 years in a row Manitowoc and for the first time it has been offered in Sheboygan. We cannot begin to express how incredibly honored we are that the families of our communities both here and in Sheboygan County have chosen us for this honor.

Just Orthodontics is committed to providing the most current technology in orthodontics to Manitowoc County. In 2013 we incorporated a Lythos scanner which allows us to eliminate impressions before braces and design individualized braces specific to each patients needs on the computer making treatment faster and more efficient. Patient education is at the forefront of providing exceptional care with online access to all parts of our office, including You-Tube videos of our team which encompass the many areas of orthodontic treatment from how braces are placed to the care your smile needs throughout treatment.

Dr. Just uses today’s technology to make the progress of treatment and care convenient for patients by the use of Go To Meeting, Facetime and Skype in addition to the use of Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot. New technologies have allowed Just Orthodontics to provide treatment that is faster, painless and more invisible all while staying connected to our patients through the many options the cyber world offers.

At Just Orthodontics we strive to make our office a fun and enjoyable environment that patient’s and family’s look forward to visiting. The office received an interior facelift, and fresh paint with the help of some of Manitowoc’s talented contractors. While you’re out and about in this beautiful place we call home look for the Just Orthodontics vehicle with the license plate “Str8nm” supporting the many events Manitowoc County offers to family’s. Manitowoc County is our home and we’re proud to have been a part of it for 94 years and three generations and we look forward to a bright future here.